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Cover pattern customization specification customization simple student notebook

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  • MOQ: 1000 copies
  • Product packaging: OPP self-adhesive bag plus carton for packaging
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    Spring paper student notebook

    Select paper for student notebooks:

    First, the quality of the paper. Generally, the paper used is beige Daolin paper. The quality of these two papers is of the best quality among similar notepad papers. This kind of paper has small stretchability, uniform ink absorption, good smoothness, compact and opaque texture, strong water resistance, strong three-dimensional effect, and good quality and low price!

    Customized screen student notebook

    1. Paper is one of the most important properties of a notebook. You may need a book that does not bleed with a pen and has good writing quality. 2. Format: We have a variety of different sizes to meet different needs, all of which can be met. 3. Durability: Our products use high-temperature heating glue and perforated metal buckle inlay, the inner pages are very stable, and the paper has a certain waterproof performance. 4. Ease of use: it can be spread flat, and the inner pages can be freely disassembled. All in all, our products are your best choice

    2. Second, the color of the paper. Everyone knows that beige paper, soft in color, is the choice for people who use a notepad to write inside pages.

    Eye protection inner page student notebook

    Third, the thickness of the paper. There are two thicknesses of paper commonly used in notepads: 80 grams and 100 grams. 80 grams of paper is slightly thinner than 100 grams of paper, about the same thickness as our usual writing paper. Both types of paper can be used for inner pages. The difference between the two types of paper is: 80 grams of paper is slightly thinner, and the strokes are softer, and the writing feeling will be more comfortable; while the 100 grams of paper is more stiff and writing It is not as good as 80 grams, each has its own advantages.

    PU leather student notebook

    Recommended paper material selection for customized notebook books

    Fourth, the fluency of paper. The fluency of paper writing is very important, which is very important with the paper making process (gluing). The surface of a good paper must be smooth and flat, and writing smoothly. Paper of low quality has astringent feeling in writing, and the paper has more noise.

    Qing new student notebook

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