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Customized logo, customized stylish inner page propaganda notebook

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  • MOQ: 1000 copies
  • Product packaging: OPP self-adhesive bag plus carton for packaging
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    Spring deduction promotional notepad

    The format of the ordinary booklet cannot highlight the team culture and cannot be customized. The simple propaganda notebook produced by our company can be exquisitely designed according to the company brand and carry out brand culture promotion, so that the company team’s gift giving is more simple and elegant, and it highlights the team’s taste.

    Flannel Propaganda Notepad

    Notepad inner page selection:

    General or advertising notes: fine art paper/frosted film + 16P annual calendar and business data + notes, the information content is personal data, important festivals, birthday memos for relatives and friends, commonly used foreign trade abbreviations, commonly used weights and measures conversion table, container volume table, world main Regional monthly average temperature, international size, etc.

    Personal efficiency manual: 96 notes + 6 sorted indexes, 6-hole or 9-hole loose-leaf binding, transparent matte film, business information, weekly plans, notes, meeting records, personal finance, address book, etc.

    How is a good corporate propaganda notebook made? Let's talk about what issues should be paid attention to in the design of corporate propaganda notepads.

    How was the promotional gift book made?

    1. The design of the propaganda notebook should be generous and beautiful. Corporate propaganda notebooks should be generous and beautiful in appearance and well-made. This will leave a good first impression on the customer and trigger the desire of the customer to continue reading.

    Propaganda Notepad with Fabric Leather

    2. Reflect the corporate culture and strength. The biggest role of the propaganda notebook is to promote the company, focusing on reflecting the company's brand culture and strength. Use pictures and texts to promote the company’s culture (company history, purpose, etc.), show the company’s strength (honor, construction scale, products, equipment, execution, etc.), describe the company’s bright prospects (business planning, etc.), and attract readers The eyeballs of the readers enhance readers’ attention to the company.

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