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Our Advantage

The reason for choosing us is actually very simple: Shenzhen Yuxingyuan Gift Packaging Co., Ltd. integrates printing, design and production. The company has invested tens of millions of yuan in the construction of machinery and equipment, and has multiple sets of the most advanced Heidelberg four-color machines, Martini riding nail dragons, Stahl folding machines, exposure machines, stamping machines, and glue A complete set of advanced machinery and other post-processing equipment such as machine, glue binding machine, hot stamping machine, beer machine, embossing machine, UV machine, oil polishing, packaging production line and other post-processing equipment; perfect production equipment and strict management make the company quality Reach the international advanced level, and also provide high-quality one-stop service for your products. Professional technology + professional service, excellent value for money! Get a better Shenzhen printing design with equal effort! High-end equipment achieves high-quality printing. 


High-quality printing is inseparable from high-end equipment, and the company understands this. As a result, high-end equipment such as two Komori G40 offset presses, one MBO folding machine, and one Holler saddle stitching linkage line successively "settled" the company in 2009. In order to match the high production capacity and high quality of these high-end equipment, the company introduced a Guowei cutting system in April 2010. The system consists of a lift, a paper machine, a computer-controlled paper cutter, and an intelligent automatic paper unloading machine. And other equipment composition. "It is not the first time that we have cooperated with Guowei. We have introduced two Guowei paper cutters before. We are very satisfied with their high-quality equipment and user-friendly services. It is reported that the cutting system purchased by the company this time belongs to the European version. More than 95% of the parts are imported products. The safety system and cutting accuracy are much higher than those of the non-European series products. For the advantages of the Guowei cutting system, "Guowei cutting system can automatically complete Various paper loading and unloading, sorting, handling, palletizing and other tasks have the characteristics of high production efficiency, low labor intensity, short auxiliary work time, and low production cost. Compared with cutting systems of other brands, this is a device with the best quality at the same price and the lowest price at the same quality. "

Of course, high-end equipment brings not only high-quality printing, but also some intangible benefits. "High-end equipment has the advantages of high degree of automation and high production quality, which will invisibly greatly reduce labor costs and waste rate. And because of our high printing quality, many advertising companies and design companies that require high printing quality will come here. ."

Harmonious culture to create strong soft power

Culture is the soul of an enterprise, and it is very important to its development. The company believes that whether an employee has a sense of belonging to the company does not depend on how much the company can provide him, but whether he is happy at work and whether the company can make him happy. Therefore, in addition to building a high-quality printing brand, the company is also focusing on building the soft power of corporate culture, making it one of the hard supports to promote corporate development. To

In order to build the soft power of corporate culture, the company provides employees with generous benefits on the one hand. On the other hand, the company also strives to provide each employee with a good platform for career development and opportunities for learning and self-expression. "We will regularly invite suppliers to our company for training, and organize employees to participate in exhibitions. In order to allow prepress staff to better perceive the colors and judge the quality of the original, the company will also provide relevant professional training for new recruits.

Relying on the strength of high-quality printing and the support of a strong corporate culture, the company has won praises from many customers since its establishment, and orders have been flooding in. For the future, if you want to develop the company well under the not-so-good printing industry environment, the key is to do There are two points, namely quality and service. In the future, we will focus on building these two points. In the face of the enthusiasm of the printing market, we will also focus on this field in the future, not seeking to make the company bigger, but also hoping to satisfy every customer.