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Why give gifts with exquisite gift box packaging

To see whether a gift is suitable, first of all depends on its packaging. If a carefully selected gift lacks a unique packaging, it will definitely devalue the gift you give. If you attach importance to the last process of “packing”, even if the gift itself is not so expensive, a dazzling packaging can double its value. A mid-range notebook packaged in an exquisite gift box is more effective in the communication process than a high-end tea set packaged in a convenient supermarket bag. So, please take more time to put on a beautiful coat for the gift, and maximize the friendship contained in the gift! The gift is also shaped into a perfect package for the gift.about1-300x250

You will definitely have a small sense of accomplishment, and the happiness of the recipient will also bloom from the moment you see the exquisite packaging box. Gift packaging should be carefully designed according to the size, material and shape of the gift. The packaging box can fit the size of the gift, or it can be slightly larger than the gift itself. If the gift is particularly small, it’s best to choose a big, eye-catching and delicate packaging box. Precious gems, jade, and metal products can be packaged in exquisite wooden boxes or silk satin gift boxes; flowers and other plants can be packaged in glass, rattan, straw and other materials; ordinary books, toys and other gifts, usually we use paper box. Square gifts can also be packed into squares, round gifts can be packed in round gift boxes, cylindrical gifts can be packed in the shape of candy, irregular shaped gifts, you can prepare a regular-shaped packing box for it. In fact, there are many different shapes of gift boxes, depending on which one you like and whether it is suitable for the gift. Heart-shaped, triangle-shaped, cone-shaped… the most common ones are rectangles and circles. Some people have personalities and design the packaging as boots, puppies or stars. However, before such packaging, the identity of the recipient must be considered. Li Mao has always been the company’s deputy general manager Ling Yun’s right-hand man. Ling Yun’s birthday is coming soon. Li Mao started thinking about gifts a month in advance. In the end, he decided to give Ling Yun a seal, because Ling Yun is the kind of businessman with a refined temperament, and he certainly doesn’t like popular gifts like Pi Yang. Li Mao chose a Shoushan stone with a red top and was carved into a tiger shape. The side of the base is about 4 cm long. The material of the entire seal is lustrous and moist, the shape is generous and vigorous, and it is quite general. The name of the person in the seal script on the bottom is quaint and Dao Jin, very beautiful. Li Mao ordered a red pear wood square printing box one week in advance, with elaborate patterns on the box, which is very valuable at first glance. On Ling Yun’s birthday, after receiving this gift, he was surprised and thanked again and again. Li Mao, who usually works very hard, has a more favorable impression in Ling Yun’s eyes. After a period of time, the company adjusted positions and Li Mao was promoted because of his outstanding performance. Although Li Mao was promoted because of his strong ability, in fact, the stamp he carefully selected for Ling Yun and the specially customized gift box were also very advantageous. You may wish to pay more attention to the shapes of various gifts and try to figure it out. You can also use old cartons for packaging exercises. Be prepared, and you can easily play when you need it. The colors are in good taste.1213-300x250 The color of the wrapping paper is very important. It can reflect the grade of the gift and your understanding of the characteristics and taste of the recipient, and it can better reflect your aesthetic ability. For gifts for children, bright and cute packaging is better, such as pink, bright yellow, bright blue, and pink purple. If the gift is for a woman, the color of the package should be bright or elegant, and it is best to match the personality of the recipient, such as bright red and light blue. For gifts for men, the color of the packaging should be calm and restrained, such as dark blue. For the elderly, the color of the packaging should be simple and elegant. A touch of color adds infinite brilliance to the gift. What needs to be reminded is: don’t use large-patterned wrapping paper for small gifts, and don’t use small-patterned and light-colored wrapping paper for large gifts. The packaging is knowledgeable and the details are creative. Are your gifts for friends or relatives? Or leadership? The distinctive style can well reflect the identity of the gift-giving object. You might as well set a theme for your gift while focusing on color. For example, the gift for children should be packaged with cartoon patterns, which shows lively and simple; the gift for lovers should be packaged with bright rose patterns to show romance and sweetness; the gift for leaders should be packaged to reflect dignity and atmosphere. At the end of the year, Meng Chun prepares gifts for customers. Mr. Li is a farmer entrepreneur and has not read many books. He prepared a peony ornament imitating jade for him, which means wealth and good fortune. I used a large dark red wooden box with auspicious patterns carved on the box, which looked very happy and expensive; Mr. Liu is an engineer who likes calligraphy. Meng Chun prepared a good ink for him and made it with a simple inkstone. The packing box Mr. Liang is a young department manager who travels frequently. Meng Chun prepared a brand-name MP3 for him. He wrapped a dark blue imitation cloth-like wrapping paper on the carton that came with the gift and tied a silver ribbon; Ms. Long She is an elegant middle-aged girl. Meng Chun prepared a bottle of brand-name perfume for her, packed in a square silver brocade box. After customers received his gifts, they all expressed their sincere love. Gifts must be given to the right person, and packaging must be chosen in the right way. Only when such a gift is given will everyone be happy. The artistry of packaging is indispensable. This can be shown in details, such as a beautiful ribbon or a brilliant star ornament. Feathers, dried flowers, plant stems and leaves, wood strips, stone pieces, etc., are all good props that have a strong decorative effect and can reflect artistic interest. Some people will put a little more small things on the big package, such as a small sachet, pocket notebook, etc., to make the gift packaging look lively, and this is equivalent to giving the other two gifts. In fact, it is necessary to reflect the artistry very well. From the beginning, the color and shape of the packaging must be considered as a whole. You can put the writing brush in the pen holder.20200805165237_809447746-300x225 This pen holder is a very flavorful packaging box. You can put a set of stationery in a simple and simple school bag. This school bag is a chic and beautiful packaging box. Xiaomi is a very attentive girl. She always gives gifts very unique, which not only conforms to the other party’s wishes, but also reflects her own characteristics. My good friend Mingfang is a lady who likes to paint. During the New Year, Xiaomi chose a set of brushes as a gift for Mingfang. Xiaomi uses red, green, and blue wrapping paper for packaging, and made a rectangular box from hard paper. One corner of the box is missing. As a result, it actually becomes five corners. The box looks unique but not obtrusive. The colors are elegant and harmonious, which is in line with Mingfang’s hobby of painting. Xiaomi tied an oil painting paper card the size of a business card to one corner of the box, with words of blessing written on the piece of paper, and a beautiful feather painted on it-it is the image mark of Xiaomi’s nickname. Because of the color of the box and the card, Mingfang saw the box in a pile of gifts and knew that it must come from Xiaomi. You can let the other person recognize at a glance that this is a gift from you through the details. For example, the characteristics of your paper and the characteristics of your packaging methods. A special card, like a business card of the gift giver, will make the gift recipient unforgettable. The packaging is so exquisite, and the gifts inside, let alone how much effort was spent! How could the person who received the gift not be happy!

Post time: Apr-26-2021