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Why do people choose tattoo stickers?

A tattoo sticker is a type of tattoo sticker attached to the body. It is simple and convenient to use, no pain, sticking can last for a week, not afraid of washing, and no harm to the skin. Therefore, it is easier to be accepted by everyone than traditional tattoos, and it is convenient to change the pattern frequently. The price is cheap, and it has colors and patterns that attract customers.Fresh-cartoon-tattoo-stickers-300x2491

The general tattoo stickers are all water transfer labels. If the pattern is square and there are not too many protruding parts, the method is: clean the part of the body where the tattoo stickers are to be used, and then use water to put the back of the tattoo stickers on the paper (called the bottom Paper) wet it, or put the sticker in clean water. When you see the color of the backing paper becomes darker, that is, when the water penetrates, you can paste it. When sticking, stick the patterned side directly on the skin, gently scrape the back of the pattern with your nails, and finally pull the backing paper along the skin with your hand to let it slide off the pattern, and then press it again with a towel. One is to remove the water, and then to remove the bubbles, that’s it. Of course, if there are many protruding parts of the pattern, you have to pull the backing paper up, slowly, and see if there is any pattern that has come off, just put it down and press it again.

Simple and easy to use, one sticker is luxuriousBeautiful-tattoo-stickers3-300x249

Speaking of the hottest tattoo sticker in history, the method of use may be considered the easiest in history. It does not require a special person to serve, and it can be operated at home. Just like the pattern sticker for nail art, just pick out the pattern you like and cut it out first, then tear off the transparent film on it, directly stick it to the part of the body where you want to tattoo, press it tightly with your hand, and spray it thoroughly with water Spray wet stickers. To make the pattern firmer, lightly press the tattoo tape with a towel to remove air bubbles, but don’t rub it hard. Tear off the sticker in thirty seconds, and you will have a beautiful “tattoo” on your body! In order to keep the tattoo stickers beautiful after application, just be careful not to take a bath for too long. If you want to have tattoo stickers, wipe it off with BB oil or wipe it with alcohol. According to the user’s personal trial, the durability can be maintained for at least three days. So that set of tailor-made personal jewellery”, can’t it make you “luxury” for the whole summer?

Post time: Mar-17-2021