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The production of gift bags in the factory exhibition, the profit is really not as much as you think

        This is definitely not true because we are trying to improve our own prices. In fact, the profits of most manufacturing industries are already very meager. This is not only determined by the position of the industry in the supply chain, but also closely related to the trend of social development. When the next time a customer makes an exhibition gift bag, please don’t tell us, can an exhibition gift bag be less by a dime? Our answer is no. We don’t give you a lot, but the profit of this dime. If we give you less, we will lose money.
        The profit produced by the factory is really not as much as you think. Why do you say that? Let the paper bag factory with many years of experience in paper bag production come and talk to you


1. The stability and maturity of the industry make it a breakthrough for those who produce gift bags for exhibitions only in terms of price.
The packaging industry is an ancient industry with a history of development for many years. In modern times, with the development of reform and opening up, a history of reform and opening up, the packaging industry has always implemented it, which also illustrates the traditional nature of the packaging industry.
As the packaging industry has developed for a long time, it has formed its own unique set of operating procedures and business specifications, which makes the production of exhibition gift bags have its own set of mature systems. Coupled with the long development time, it has its own unique stability and is not easily affected by too many other things.

The combination of the two aspects makes the manufacturers of exhibition gift bags unable to highlight their own characteristics in other aspects. They can only passively distinguish themselves from others in terms of price. Such long-term vicious competition makes the exhibition gift bags Profits are being reduced step by step.


2. The demographic dividend is disappearing in China, and it is facing increasing artificial pressure.

        The key problem is that you may not be able to find the right person even if you give money, which further reduces the profit of the exhibition gift bag.
        Anyone who has worked in industry knows that it is becoming more and more difficult to recruit suitable people. Remuneration is only one aspect of it. Another aspect is that young people born in the 90s are basically unwilling to go to work in factories. If people cannot be recruited, the salary will inevitably increase, which will further increase the cost of the enterprise. As the cost increases, the profit of the exhibition gift bag will naturally decrease.

3. The skyrocketing of raw materials has made the profits of the already dangerous exhibition gift bags embarked on a minefield.
        The recent surge in pulp has caused the price of raw materials for exhibition gift bags to rise three times a day, affecting the hearts of every manufacturer, and further diluting the profits of this already dangerous packaging industry.

        The most common situation is that the price of goods has risen a lot now, but this is also a price increase. Many sellers feel dissatisfied, feel that they have cooperated for so long, and suddenly increase prices. Are they disregarding the profit of their customers and only caring about their own increase? reduce.

        In fact, as a manufacturer of exhibition gift bags, it is really dumb to eat coptis. I can’t tell if I have a bitterness, and I don’t know what to do. The price increase will certainly offend the customer, and it will be dead sooner or later if it does not increase.

4.the continuous update of production equipment requires money. These repairs and updates make the profit of the exhibition gift bag low to the limit.

        We all know that the development of the company is based on continuous updates. The equipment needs to be constantly updated. In addition, maintenance, factory rent, etc., are all expensive expenses, which makes the production of exhibition gift bags Profits are further reduced.

        Therefore, the production of exhibition gift bags is really not as high as everyone thinks. Sometimes, if you can raise workers, the boss is willing to do it. High profits are hard to think about again.

Post time: Sep-08-2021