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The origin of Easter eggs

First: Describe the Virgin Mary Magdalena in tears, and suddenly saw two people wearing dazzling clothes standing next to them. When she returned home, she painted the vision she saw on the Easter egg Go up, and then to the disciples of Jesus. The disciples also used doves to spread the message. The second legend is that Saint Defan was stoned to death by the enemy in memory of what he left behind.精美复活节彩蛋
Second: The man who carried the cross for Jesus was a merchant selling eggs. One day, he saw many beautiful painted Easter eggs in the basket, so he spread this message to people.
Third: Easter egg festival custom is the main festival custom of Western egg culture in the seasonal season. The source may be the “Easter Egg Festival custom” of Ancient Egypt’s Breeze Festival. Its main content is “painted eggs”, “egg donations”, and “eggs”. “Egg-eating” and “birth-than-egg” are different due to factors such as age, different regions, and different beliefs.
Fourth: Easter eggs are specially decorated eggs in western countries to celebrate Easter. Traditionally, dyed eggs are used. Modern habit is usually to use egg-shaped chocolate instead. Easter eggs are generally hidden in advance, and then children come to find them. It is a symbolic item of Easter and a way of expressing friendship, love and wishes. Christians use the resurrection egg as “the beginning of a new life”, symbolizing “Jesus resurrected and walked out of the stone tomb.”Cartoon painted easter eggs
Fifth: The use of eggs to symbolize the resurrection of life was very popular before the birth of Jesus Christ. People in Western Europe believe that the egg has two lives, the first is “new birth” and the second is “rebirth”. Rebirth means resurrection. When Easter comes, relatives and friends must exchange Easter eggs to show their blessings. From folk to royal, Easter eggs have become indispensable, and the Christian egg culture with Easter eggs as the iconic symbol has developed into The most influential egg culture in the world today.

Post time: Mar-29-2021