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Custom leather color custom specification business buckle notebook

Short Description:

  • MOQ: 2000 copies
  • Product size: 128*188mm
  • Product packaging: OPP self-adhesive bag plus carton for packaging
  • Common specifications: 16K (255*183mm), 20K (206*183mm), 25K (206*140mm), 36K (165*125mm), 48K(165*90mm).
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    This high-end business notebook has a big-end appearance and a low-key appearance without losing its connotation. The outer shell is packaged with a solid color leather surface, the inner page is made of 80g composite writing paper, and the closure is composed of a metal magnet buckle and leather. The outer cortex is delicate. The inner page of this kind of paper has small elasticity, uniform ink absorption, good smoothness, tight and opaque texture, strong water resistance, and a strong three-dimensional effect. It is used as meeting records, work notes and memos. select Inside pages of this notebook

    Sheepskin noodle business notebook

    Very smooth brush strokes

    The ink dries quickly, especially suitable for fountain pens and highlighters

    The paper is light and thin, 20% lighter than traditional paper

    The paper feels very good

    Neutral paper that can be stored for a long time

    Bright side business notepad

    MOQ 2000 copies

    Product size 128*188mm

    OPP self-adhesive bag plus carton for packaging

    Business notebook refers to an advertising model that incorporates corporate advertisements (such as corporate LOGO, company profile, color inserts, advertising inside pages, personalized decoration, personalized packaging, etc.) into traditional work manuals to promote corporate culture and brand image. An elegant and practical gift of traditional culture is a messenger to promote the corporate image and spread product advertisements.

    Business notebooks are widely used in conferences, promotions, housewarming, celebrations, gifts, welfare and other fields. It has the characteristics of long-lasting advertising information and strong impact. It is an ideal promotional material for spreading the brand and enhancing the corporate image.

    Business notebooks are generally divided into loose-leaf notebooks and paperback notebooks. Common specifications are: 16K (255*183mm), 20K (206*183mm), 25K (206*140mm), 36K (165*125mm), 48K(165*90mm).

    PU leather business notebook

    Product size can be produced as required

    Soft leather business notebook

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