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Customized leather color, customized jewelry outer packaging color, customized multi-function gift notepad

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  • MOQ: 1000 copies
  • Product packaging: OPP self-adhesive bag plus carton for packaging
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    This high-end gift-type notepad, the outer shell is laminated with leather, and the inner pages are made of 100g high-end composite writing paper. This kind of paper has small flexibility, uniform ink absorption, good smoothness, tight texture and opacity, and strong water resistance. , Has a strong sense of three-dimensionality, and a high-end water-based fountain pen with a metal magnetic buckle with a specific pattern on the buckle. Composed of exquisite handmade gift box packaging. There are many beautiful things in the world that may not be remembered anymore, but we can write them down in a notebook and turn them over in our leisure time. Keeping happiness in this way is also a joy in life. So sometimes you need a notebook that allows others to remember you. This high-end gift notebook that we launched has a noble and elegant appearance with a custom metal buckle. Let you show your identity when giving gifts without losing the connotation

    Simple gift gift notepad

    Pink leather noodle gift notepad

    Leather color can be customized

    MOQ; 1000 copies

    High-end business gift notepad

    Customizable gift accessories

    Inside pages of this notebook

    Very smooth brush strokes

    Especially suitable for fountain pens and fountain pens

    The paper is thicker, using 100g/m2 paper, which is 30% thicker than traditional paper (this paper is KOKUYO’s special paper for account books, which has a history of 80 years)

    The paper feels very good

    Neutral paper that can be stored for a long time

    Custom metal inner buckle

    Customizable metal clip

    Products and outer packaging are produced according to customized requirements

    Business gift notebook

    Notepad inner page selection:

    Planning and advertising notes: fine art paper/frosted film + 32P annual calendar and monthly plan sheet + notes + 16P business information + color map of China and the world. The information content is personal information, important festivals, happy birthday memos for relatives and friends, common foreign trade abbreviations, commonly used Weights and measures conversion table, container volume table, monthly average temperature in major parts of the world, international dimensions, etc.

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