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Customized pattern size roll sticker product sticker

Short Description:

  • Product specifications: produced on request
  • MOQ: 1000pcs
  • Glue material: environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive
  • Product Detail

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    Product material: copper paper material, PP synthetic paper, pearl film, anti-counterfeiting material, transparent rubber material, bright silver rubber surface material, matte silver rubber surface material, 3D color changing mold material, etc. Special materials can be produced according to requirements.

    Product core material: default paper quality, special materials can be customized according to requirements.

    Product core diameter:commonly used 30mm, 40mm, 75mm, other diameters can be customized according to requirements.

    roll sticker2

    The product is a bit: 

    1. The printing surface of the material is smooth and uniform, without bubbles and pinholes.

    2. The printing is clear, the color of the pattern is vivid, and the coloring effect is good.

    3. The product is neatly cut and easy to tear off.

    4. The quantity of each roll can be customized as required.

    5. The glue has a high degree of adhesion and is not easy to fall off.

    6. The paper output direction can be customized according to requirements.

    7. The cut surface of the product shape is flat, and the die-cutting will not damage the bottom and the paper is easy to tear.

    8. The surface of the product can be treated as required, such as laminating, bronzing, UV and so on.

    9. The material is soft and the performance is excellent, and it can be pasted on the surface of the object with excellent curvature.

    Product scope of application: It can be used for surface packaging of medicine bottles, food box surface packaging, various wine bottle surface packaging, cosmetic bottle surface packaging, electronic product labels, decorative packaging for various household appliances or tools. It can also be used for surface decoration purposes.

    Product precautions; suitable for low temperature between 0°C and 70°C, too low or too high temperature may affect the product glue viscosity. Pay attention to fire and moisture. Children under 3 years of age are prohibited from using it.


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